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Family Law Attorney in San Antonio, Texas

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Divorce can be ugly. There are many legal factors to consider. Instead of dealing with the stress alone, let the Law Office Of Paula D Perez help. We assist with cases for child custody and child support. There isn’t another attorney more equipped to handle these disputes. Contact our office to get the help you deserve.


We know how important it is for a child to have a meaningful relationship with their father. Establishing paternity helps to establish the financial resources the child needs. If you are in need of confirming paternity or if you are a father concerned with protecting parental rights, you can find help here. With us, you can discuss goals for gaining paternity and identify your legal options. We can help you achieve a strong relationship with your child.

Name Changes

If you are seeking a name change, you can find the legal help you need here. We make the process easy and reasonably priced. No matter what reason you may have for changing your name, we can help. You want results. We can help you gain them. For additional questions regarding name changes, please call our office.

Your Voice Will Be Heard

Family matters can be emotional. No matter which area of family law you need help with, things can get strenuous. What is important is that you are heard. Your voice matters. With the Law Office Of Paula D Perez, you can count on someone to be on your side. When you come to us in cases of family law, we will always do our best to ensure you have the care you need. Schedule your appointment today to get started.